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Our Founder


Founder, CEO, Hair, Yoga

Katie spent 10 years cutting hair at Judy Jetson Salon in Cambridge, Mass. where she built a loyal following of clients. Feeling called to entrepreneurship, she spent 3 years renting a booth in Somerville and saw that her own business was in her future. Meanwhile, Katie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga and has traveled around the world with yoga retreats. She landed in Amesbury in 2019 and was ready to grow roots. Katie created Bryony & Birch to establish a community built around collaboration and wellness. The space offers Katie and fellow artists an opportunity to showcase their talent, meet each other, and create opportunities to grow.

Our Story

Katie Cavic created Bryony & Birch as a collective for collaboration. Throughout her journey doing hair, teaching yoga, and traveling, Katie created an intricate web of fiercely talented people who are experts in their fields. From her brother, Michael, who is an expert woodworker, to her yoga mentor, Sarah Oleson, Katie’s community enriches Amesbury with a diverse array of talents. Bryony & Birch empowers its community of artists to band together and showcase what they do best.

Bryony & Birch is an inclusive space for wellness and connection. It’s a community stomping ground. It’s a mecca for inspiration. It’s a kaleidoscope of local art, beauty, and wellness.

See all that this community has to offer.

Our partners


XP Architecture and Design, LLC
Architect & Founder Hillary worked closely with us every step of the way to realize the potential of our two-story space. She focuses on the essential elements to weave your personal style into your built environment and make you feel truly at home.


Rae McPherson Creative
Rachel McPherson and Jill Pax lead photo, video and content creation at Bryony & Birch. Their experience in brand strategy, photography and social media drive their passion for helping businesses discover who they are and authentically connect with their audience.


Bel Creative
Women entrepreneurs, if you need a website and branding, Emily is your gal. As our design and technology partner (from the very start!), we have her to thank for our visual brand and sleek website. She works from her home in Austin, TX but is proud of her deep roots in Massachusetts and comes back to visit often.

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