Embracing the Harmony of Yoga Theory and Asana Practice

This post was written by Bryony Body instructor, Rob Pruyne.…
February 7, 2024/by Bryony + Birch

Learn & Grow Through Reflection with Katie’s End of Year Journal Prompts

Just like when I developed the sudden need for a sensible…
December 20, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Another Year in the Books: A Look Back at Porch Fest 2023

There are a lot of reasons to love Amesbury in the summer…
October 31, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

3 Must-Knows Before Going From Blonde to Brunette

Whether it’s fall weather, finances or the fact that you’re…
October 12, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Optimizing Your Life with Apple Notes

I’m always on the hunt for the best “to do” app or…
September 27, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Workshop Alert: Learn the Benefits of Sound Healing at Bryony Body

As longtime lovers of sound healing, we’re thrilled to…
September 13, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Meet Your Yoga Teacher Training Instructor, Gail Picillo

As we near the start of our first ever Yoga Teacher Training…
August 28, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Back to School: A Fresh Start for Creating New Habits

The New Year is famous for its slogan, “new year, new you!"…
August 17, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Community Wellness & Workouts on The Seacoast This Summer

Here at Bryony & Birch and Bryony Body, if there’s one…
July 21, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Deepen Your Practice with Yoga Teacher Training at Bryony Body

We are honored and thrilled to invite you to deepen your yoga…
July 18, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Porch Fest is Back! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

We are thrilled to be welcoming back our favorite community…
June 12, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Non-Alcoholic Drinks We’re Stocked Up On For The Summer

If we want to discuss blessings in disguise from the pandemic,…
May 19, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

The Hardship of Grief and Loss

In an effort to bring more meaning and depth to this space, today…
May 5, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Nostalgia-Fueled 90s Trends We’re Loving

Regardless of if you’ve been out and about or just sitting…
April 12, 2023/by Bryony + Birch
group of women who comprise the bryony & birch photoshoot team

Behind the Scenes of an All-Inclusive Branding Photoshoot with the Bryony Crew

When it comes to getting branded photos done for your business,…
April 4, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Spring In Our Step! Self-Care Rituals We Swear By

As lovers of all things self-care, we’re here for all of…
March 17, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

What’s Cooking This Winter: Ginger Sesame Chicken, Broccoli Cheddar Soup & More

As far as winters go, this year's has been manageable. We've…
February 28, 2023/by Emily Belyea

Thank You for Coming Out to the Ice Bar Bazaar!

Our community in Amesbury never ceases to amaze us. This…
February 17, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

Let’s Move! Tips for Sneaking in Exercise Every Day

As a mother of a 1 year old who is in the thick of his first…
January 11, 2023/by Bryony + Birch

How to Reset & Renew at the End of the Year

Sure, the holidays are busy. But there is also a lot of downtime…
December 20, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Happy Birthday to Our Little Hair Salon in Amesbury: 2 Years in Review!

Here at Bryony & Birch, we’re all about celebrating…
December 9, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

A Guide to Mindful Holiday Shopping

When it comes to shopping of any kind, it’s safe to say…
November 18, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

A Seacoast Holiday Event Round-Up: Shopping, Classes, Tastings & More

Photo by Kate Donovan Photography

It goes without saying…
November 10, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Your Hair Salon Questions Answered

At Bryony & Birch, we’re not like every other hair…
October 19, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

What’s Cooking This Fall: Nourishing & Cozy Recipes from Bryony

When the weather starts to turn cool, our favorite way to…
September 28, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Best Hair Salon Tips for Your Post-Summer Hair

There’s no doubt about it, this summer has been a hot one.…
September 13, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Behind Bryony: Designing Our Hair Salon & Yoga Studio

Community is one of our core values at Bryony & Birch.…
August 11, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Last Minute Weekend Getaways Within an Hour of Amesbury

Sometimes you don’t know how badly you need to get away…
July 29, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice

I’ve flirted with having a solid daily meditation practice…
July 19, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Wedding Party Looks We’re Inspired By

If you’re in the early stages of wedding planning, you might…
July 14, 2022/by Bryony + Birch
woman with camera in leather bag

Behind Bryony: How to Plan a Branding Photoshoot

Photoshoots are one of those very few adult moments that...
May 25, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

What to Expect at Porch Fest 2022: Music, Local Artisans & More!

Now that we’re finally settling back into “backyard barbecue…
May 11, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Take a Barre Yoga Fusion Class For an Optimal Mind Body Experience

It’s April, and we’re willing to bet more than a few of…
April 20, 2022/by Emily Belyea

Spring Round-Up: Our Favorite Local Businesses in Exeter

Now that the weather is warming up, we thought we’d invite…
April 6, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Wedding season is coming! Here are our favorite North Shore Wedding Venues

Can you smell it? Spring is in the air, and according to…
March 28, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Meet Your Yoga Instructor: Jessalynn Hudgins

We had the pleasure of sitting down last week with Jessalynn…
March 11, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Have the Winter Blues? 5 Ways We’re Investing in Wellness This Winter

Winter is hard. Our skin is dry and itchy, we’re vitamin…
February 23, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Galentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Spoil Your Girlfriends This Month

You’re probably already aware of an immense pressure around…
February 9, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

Winter on the North Shore: Where The Bryony Girls Are Keeping Warm (and Well-Fed!)

While May through October has us quite literally dancing…
January 19, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

New Year, New Business? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know Before Launching

If this is the year you’re bringing a new business to life,…
January 5, 2022/by Bryony + Birch

A Holiday Note from Bryony & Birch Founder: Katie Cavic

As our second pandemic holiday season rolls around, I want…
December 15, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

10 Holiday Gift Ideas from Local North Shore Makers

Even though they come around every year, the holidays always…
December 1, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Gratitude + Mental Health: Why They Go Together Like Turkey & Gravy

Have you ever sat around a table on Thanksgiving and been asked…
November 17, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Bryony & Birch: Amesbury’s Porch Fest 2021 Recap

As a collective that offers hair, yoga, photography, branding…
November 3, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Boo: The Scary Side of Wedding Makeup

While you may be thinking we’re about to show you a photographic…
October 20, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Introducing Bryony Body: The Exeter, NH Yoga Studio You Want To Know About

Bryony & Birch has expanded and we have a lot of feelings.

October 6, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Getting Married on the North Shore in 2022? Here’s Inspo For Your New England Wedding

With so many historical homes, rustic woodland hideaways…
September 22, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Reiki + Crystal Healing to Treat Anxiety

On a scale of ‘I want to cancel all of my social plans’…
September 8, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Brand Photography: 6 North Shores Businesses Doing it Right

You may have already nailed your brand’s logo and color…
August 20, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Bryony Bootcamp: Where Yoga & Strength Training Intersect in Amesbury

While some people may prefer a solo run or to pop in earbuds…
August 11, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Meet Our Go-To Amesbury, MA Photographer: Kate Donovan

It’s been just over a year since we opened Bryony &…
July 21, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Why Non-Toxic Hair Dye Matters (And The Clean Hair Care Brands We Trust)

It doesn’t matter if you’re dying your hair to cover…
July 16, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Outdoor Yoga, Workouts, Runs & Activities in Amesbury: Summer 2021

It’s official: Summer 2021 is going to be back to (somewhat)…
June 23, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Summer 2021: Your Guide To Summer On The North Shore

It doesn’t matter if you’re a history buff, beach bum,…
June 9, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

5 Bride Hairstyles That Won’t Date + 3 Bride Hairstyles You’ve Never Seen Before

If you’re looking for bridal hairstyle inspiration as well…
May 26, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Amesbury Activities To Do With Mom

Are you planning a mother-daughter trip to the North Shore…
May 14, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

The North Shore’s Best Food & Drinks: 5 Amesbury Must-Dos

We might be biased, but if you’re planning on visiting…
April 28, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

10 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you’re not alone.
April 14, 2021/by Bryony + Birch
katie cavic female founder of bryony & birch in amesbury massachusetts

Meet the Founder: Katie Cavic

One of the things we love most about Amesbury is the amount…
March 10, 2021/by Bryony + Birch
Where to Connect with Women Entrepreneurs in 2021

Where to Connect with North Shore Women Entrepreneurs in 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned business owner…
March 2, 2021/by Bryony + Birch

Virtual Yoga: Find Your Flow In Amesbury

If you’re looking for something that is going to help you…
February 17, 2021/by Katie Cavic

Welcome to Bryony & Birch

I am a firm believer that as humans we are all given a gift,…
January 18, 2021/by Bryony + Birch
Drop By

We’re in the heart of downtown Amesbury

Swing by our gorgeous two-story space to learn more and see what’s coming.

48 Main St. Amesbury, MA
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Drop By

We’re in the heart of downtown Amesbury

Swing by our gorgeous two-story space to learn more and see what’s coming.

48 Main St. Amesbury, MA
(978) 834-6421