Behind the Scenes of an All-Inclusive Branding Photoshoot with the Bryony Crew

group of women who comprise the bryony & birch photoshoot team

When it comes to getting branded photos done for your business, we’re not just talking to the entrepreneurs out there. These days, employees and entrepreneurs alike can benefit from a branded photoshoot. Elevate your sales team status, get branded photos to go with your LinkedIn posts, or do a full-blown website shoot – whatever your need, our crew has you covered.

But what does a branded photoshoot even entail? I tagged along with the Bryony crew for a day to see the full package of what they offer for a branded photoshoot, and let me tell you… they’ve left no stone unturned.

Step 1: Creative Planning

When you decide to do an all-inclusive branded photoshoot with Bryony & Birch, the first step in the process is strategy and creative planning. We’ll create a vision for the shoot, select a venue, schedule the day and start sourcing everyone who needs to be involved to make it happen. Whether we decide to shoot in the space at Bryony & Birch or on location at one of our diverse local venue options, we’ll make sure it’s booked and any necessary rentals are sourced, well before shoot day!

Step 2: Get Your Hair and Makeup Done

Having worked with women entrepreneurs for a full decade, I’ve seen a lot of great and not-so-great photoshoots. And let me tell you – when you invest in getting your hair and makeup done for the shoot, it pays off! A few hours before your shoot begins, you’ll come into Bryony & Birch (or we’ll come meet you on location) to make sure your hair and makeup looks feel natural, authentic to you, and camera-ready. Want to get inspired? Check out our hair stylist (and Bryony & Birch founder!) Katie Cavic, and our makeup artist, Janna Wojtas.

Step 3: Get Styled

Once your hair and makeup are done, it’s time to get styled. Our favorite stylist to bring into branded shoots is @mauibain from Newburyport’s Vaalbara. She’ll work with you beforehand, to learn a little about your personality, preferences and vision for the shoot. On photo day, she’ll come armed with looks for you to try on and go with what feels uniquely you.

Step 4: Photoshoot!

Once you have your hair and makeup done, and your outfit on point, the only thing left to bring to the shoot is a big smile and a great attitude. Being the star of a photoshoot can definitely be uncomfortable and that’s why we recommend making it fun! Our two go to photographers, Kate Donovan Photography and Dawn Kingston are both experts at making the shoot feel fun, comfortable and most importantly – they get the shot!

How to Book a Branded Photoshoot at Bryony & Birch

We’re currently booking all-inclusive photoshoots for spring and summer 2023. Inquire at to learn more.

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