Yoga & Wellness

New Studio!

Bryony Body is now open in Exeter.

Level 1: Beginner to All-Levels Flow

This practice is beginner-friendly, accessible for students with little to no exposure to yoga, as well as for your advanced student. Level 1 classes will focus on an introduction to alignment and foundational yoga asanas, while linking breath-to-movement connection. Pose modifications will be provided to meet the levels and needs of every student.

60 Minute Class

Level 2: Intermediate to All-Levels Flow

This practice is designed for students with previous exposure to yoga and builds upon Level 1, with more advanced postures. Level 2 classes will focus on a wide variety of basic postures and proper alignment, while working up to peak poses. Pose modifications will be provided to meet the levels and needs of every student.

60 Minute Class

Level 3 – Non-Heated Power Flow: Advanced, Power Vinyasa Flow

This practice is for advanced, continuing students looking for a more challenging option using intentional breath-to-movement connection. This strong, yet mindful class will include balance, core strengthening and flexibility, while moving at a faster pace, and working in more advanced postures to upbeat music.

60 Minute Class

Gentle Yoga: Beginner to All-Levels

Whether you are new to yoga, desire a slower pace from your more vigorous practice, are recovering from an injury, or just want to alleviate some tension, gentle yoga is a safe and supportive practice for all levels of experience and ability. You will calm the mind and open the body through gentle warms-ups of the joints and spine, traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation. You are encouraged to go at your own pace, listen to, and honor your body. Come build strength and flexibility through a mindful practice that will support your whole wellbeing.

60 Minute Class

Restorative Yoga: Beginner to All-Levels

Come experience the many benefits of this grounding yoga practice, suitable for all levels. Expect to hold passive postures while being supported by props, such as yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters. This practice compliments an active practice and promotes increased relaxation, reduced pain and inflammation, improved sleep, mood, and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

60 Minute Class*

*This class is limited to 6 students; no-shows and late cancellations (occurring within one hour of class start time) will incur a $5 cancellation fee.

Bryony Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced Interval Strength Training

This full body workout mixes traditional calisthenics and bodyweight exercises with interval and strength training exercises, while focusing on functional movement, strength, and endurance. The high-intensity interval training helps increase muscle mass, burn more calories, and lose more weight while improving blood flow. You’ll leave feeling strong, energized, and invigorated!

60 Minute Class

Barre Yoga Fusion: Beginner to Advanced Mat-Based Yoga/Barre Fusion

Barre Yoga Fusion combines the essential elements of barre and yoga for an optimal mind-body experience. The low-impact, high energy Barre workout is designed to improve flexibility, tone, and strengthen the body through the use of small isometric movements, weights, and resistance exercises. The yoga elements of the class focus on breathing, lengthening the muscles, and quieting the mind. By combining these nsmodalities you will feel relaxed, recharged and ready to make the most of your day. This unique sequence is designed for all fitness levels.

45 Minute Class

Private yoga classes

Just starting out? Our private yoga classes are a great way to dip your toe into the practice and develop a strong foundation. You’ll learn the basic poses and terminology so you’re ready to jump into classes in no time.

One on One Yoga: If you are trying to strengthen your practice, work on specific poses, and learn new inversions to strengthen your practice overall, a one on one class will be tailored to fit your specific goal.

$100 per 60 minute session

101 Training

During these sessions, Ashley will take the information you’ve given her about your goals and coach you through how to reach them. Each session will be a combination of strength, balance, and cardio, emphasizing what is most important to help you get the results you want.


  • Strength, Balance and Confidence Building
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Regular Check-In’s
  • Accountability

1 Session ____ $85
5 Sessions ____ $400
10 Sessions ____ $750

Please call 978-834-6421 To schedule an appointment.

Buddy Training

 It can be scary taking the first step to change your life. Bring a friend and reach your goals together in a more cost effective way! With this package deal you get the same great programs at a better price for you and a friend. Each session will focus on strength training, aerobics, and balance as each are vital to success when reaching your goals.


  • Strength, Balance, and Confidence Building
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Regular Check-In’s
  • Accountability

1 buddy session _____ $160 ($80/session per person)
5 session buddy package _____ $750 ($75/session per hour)
10 session buddy package _____ $1300 ($65/session per person)

Please call 978-834-6421 To schedule an appointment.

Corrective Exercises

These sessions are meant to strengthen and prevent injury to your joints. Whether it is a rotator cuff, lower back, knee pain, etc., these sessions target weak muscles to help relieve you of discomfort and get you moving the way your body is meant to.

5, 45-minute sessions _____ $250

Please call 978-834-6421 To schedule an appointment.

Basic Massage

Swedish Massage
A light pressure, relaxing massage that promotes circulation of blood and lymph, relaxation of muscles, relief from pain, restoration of metabolic balance, and other benefits both physical and mental.

Deep Tissue Massage
A deeper pressure massage that aids in scar tissue formation; breaks the stress, tension, and pain cycle; relaxes muscle so circulation will increase and the body will return to homeostasis; breaks pain, spasm and pain cycle; aids in healing process of injured tissue.

60 minute session ______ $80
90 minute session ______ $110

Are you a service provider interested in renting space? Email for more information.

Myofascial Release Massage

Myofascial Release is the least gentle and most superficial massage techniques, designed to break up superficial cross restrictions of the collagen of the fascia. It is necessary to relieve the fascial restrictions in order to alleviate pain and restore function.

MFR 30 minute session _____ $60
MFR 60 minute session _____ $100

Are you a service provider interested in renting space? Email for more information.

Energy Sessions

Polarity therapy is a form of bodywork. Unlike massage it utilizes specific contact to create harmonious flow of energies within the body. Polarity is a gentle, non-invasive bodywork that promotes deep relaxation, improves mental clarity, emotional stability and overall feeling of well-being. Uses ancient techniques and the latest scientific discoveries in how the mind-body connection works to clear energetic blocks in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.

*The client is fully clothed for Polarity therapy.

60 minute session _____ $60
20 – 30 minute Chakra clearing _____ $30

Are you a service provider interested in renting space? Email for more information.

Reiki and Crystal Healing

Reiki and Crystal healing promotes balance and harmony. This practice releases tension from the body, and breaks down energy blocks by balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki and Crystal Healing will help clear the mind, improve focus, improve sleep, and accelerate the bodies self healing ability. This will help spiritual growth and emotional cleansing.

Private Session ____ $75

Are you a service provider interested in renting space? Email for more information.

Class Packs & Memberships


Your first class is on the house! If you enjoy your session (we know you will) you can purchase a membership or class pack at 20% off!

5 classes ____ $75
10 classes ____ $145
20 classes ____ $280


All live classes included plus access to online classes and includes a skin care consultation.

$120 per month


Full access pass to all classes online as well as all saved on demand videos

$75 per month


All access to in-studio classes, online classes, on demand classes, free access to monthly workshops, 50% discount on all salon services at Bryony & Birch. plus a skin consult.

$180 per month