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Nostalgia-Fueled 90s Trends We’re Loving

Regardless of if you’ve been out and about or just sitting cozy on your couch, scrolling TikTok, It’s no secret that grunge staples from the 90s are officially back in style. And our crew at Bryony & Birch is not only here for it, but fully embracing it. Today we’re going to break down some of our favorite hair and style trends from the 90s that we see people bring into the salon.

The Crop Bob

The crop bob is a cooler take on the classic bob, as it gives that 90s effortless vibe that all of the grunge hotties love. We fully recognize the irony in being a hair salon that loves an undone, effortless hairstyle look, but here we are – messier the better, we say.

Crop Tops

The grunge aesthetic is all about being young and we see this rawness especially embodied through the resurgence of our personal favorite trand… crop tops! There’s something so refreshing about every body shape and size throwing on a crop top with a pair of high waisted jeans for the day – it’s how it should be. We’re here for celebrating our bodies and unapologetically showing off our features.

Combat Boots

One of the resurfaced 90s trends that we can really get behind is combat boots. Gen Z has done us a great favor by ushering this practical and comfortable footwear style back into fashion, and the fact that we can wear them year-round? Bonus.

Vintage & Second-Hand

We love throwing on a heavily-loved Nirvana t-shirt and tucking it into a mini skirt for a day at the salon. Vintage and second-hand is always trendy among certain subsets, but with the rise of the ethical fashion movement and an awareness around our overflowing landfills, we’re seeing people choose pre-owned over new more and more. Again, we’re here for it.

Looking for ways to let your 90s look flourish?

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  • Book an appointment to get the perfect crop bob cut with one of our stylists.
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