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Meet Our Go-To Amesbury, MA Photographer: Kate Donovan

It’s been just over a year since we opened Bryony & Birch’s doors and thanks to Kate Donovan, we have the most incredible collection of photos to look back on to remember the first 365 days!

While Kate has captured the process of us designing and building spaces like the Hair Loft and Bryony & Birch yoga studio, she’s also done a lot of work for us in terms of our brand and lifestyle photography.

As a collective that offers a number of different services that include (but are not limited to) hair styling, yoga, crystal and reiki healing, wedding prep packages, branding packages, as well as film and photography studio & equipment rentals, trying to convey all of that on our website and social media platforms can be quite tricky.

But you know what they say, right? A picture is worth a thousand words!

As one of the most highly regarded Amesbury photographers, we knew that Kate Donovan was the woman for the job. (We also knew that she was also the woman for our own weddings, family portraits and event photography…) Needless to say, the girl is busy.

Scroll down to learn more about Kate Donovan, view some of her recent work and to get in touch!

Meet Kate Donovan

From early on in life, Kate was always the friend with a camera in her hand. (You know the type… when Facebook albums were a thing, you could count on Kate to have 227 photos uploaded and ready to be cleverly titled by 9 am.)

In all seriousness, Kate’s photos stood out for a number of reasons. She caught in-between moments of a father looking at his daughter from across a room. She captured the light that was making a newborn baby’s eye sparkle even brighter. She understood that it’s not just about framing a picture but feeling its message.

Pretty quickly, photography friend favors turned into a full-time job for Kate and today, it’s a business that keeps her on the move! From weddings to business branding to baby bumps, Kate and her growing team of photographers are all about capturing the organic, emotive and milestone moments that make life worth living.

Kate Donovan Family & Senior Portraits

As summer draws to a close and fall brings back-to-school vibes to the North Shore, Kate can be found turning her lens to families and high school seniors!

While there is a time and place for posed photos, Kate’s family portraits and senior portraits in Amesbury stand out because she knows where all the best natural light is and can bring out both natural smiles and belly laughs!


Click here to learn more about Kate Donovan’s Family Portrait services and availability.

Kate Donovan Engagements, Weddings & Elopements

When it comes to North Shore Wedding Photographers, Kate Donovan is a big deal on The Knot! (Sorry, Kate – we know you won’t brag, but we can for you!) With engagement packages from $500 and tailored wedding packages from $3,000, Kate Donovan will not only bring your vision to life, she’ll also capture the moments you didn’t even know to dream about!


Click here to learn more about Kate Donovan Photography’s engagement and wedding packages.

The Bryony Wedding Experience: A Year of Pre-Wedding Bliss

After years of helping brides bring their wedding visions to life, we had an idea: why not take all of the elements people are searching for and create the ultimate wedding prep package? The result: The Bryony Wedding Experience!

Completely customizable, our packages are designed to get you feeling healthy, grounded and clear leading up to your wedding day. Including things like yoga & reiki healing, bootcamp & personal training, hair & makeup and, of course, engagement and wedding photos by Kate Donovan, you can rest easy knowing that you have everything in place to capture the aesthetic and feeling of your special day!

Click here to plan your big day with Bryony & Birch!

Kate Donovan Business & Branding Photography

If you’re looking for website, product, event or social media content photography, Kate Donovan has got you covered. Possibly the farthest thing from a stock-photo photographer, Kate is excellent at not only following brand guidelines, but also capturing evergreen content you can roll out for years, not months.


At Bryony & Birch, one of our most popular services is our branding package. Designed to offer entrepreneurs, artists and business owners everything they need to create the visual representation of their brand, you won’t be surprised at all to learn that Kate Donovan is our go-to photographer.

What’s included in the Bryony & Birch Branding Package?

While you may have an undeniably cool and useful product (or service) that will no doubt enrich someone’s life, it’s a hard sell when the image is poorly lit and lacking the element of storytelling.


  • Hair and makeup
  • Product shots
  • Headshots
  • Catered lunch
  • Exclusive use of the Bryony + Birch studio space
  • Photos with Kate Donovan Photography

Basically, we want you to picture your favorite made-for-Netflix movie montage scene and that’s what you’ll get when you work with us! We will help you and your brand find your best light. (And hopefully your new community!)

Click here to learn more about the Bryony & Birch Branding Package

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